Line Launch 101

  • design school: checkshapeimage_1 (4)
  • inspiration: check
  • Alva dress form: check
  • Bernina sewing machine: check
  • jet-threading auto tension Babylock serger: check
  • pattern-paper: __________
  • work table: ____________
  • coverstitch machine: ________
  • sell blind-hemmer in back of shop to buy coverstitch:_______
  • renovate back are to accomodate work table: _______
  • sketches: _______________
  • production business case: ____________
  • labels: draft miter edge, 2 colour print draft completed

Lots to do but I started to tackle them one by one. I am making progress inch by inch so that someday I will have something in the store with my own label on it. Speaking of labels, I drafted a version and while it is in my nature to procrastinate a final decision I am trying to live by the edict that the best idea is an executed idea.

If I decide to change the brand identity later, it’s only a question of money.
For now, I just need to inch it forward.