The Many Faces of Denim

I can’t remember a time where so many different silhouettes were on trend in denim. On the one hand it’s great to be a denim girl because you can find pretty much any style you like. ┬áHere are a few examples:

Stilt Roll UP
Stilt Roll Up
Boyfriend Distressed White
AG Boyfriend Distressed
Saffron Flare Retro
Saffron Flare Retro








But on the other hand, the silhouette variety can demand some attention to style each out out properly. For each pair of jeans, we like to find you 3 different tops to give you the range you need to make your wardrobe work for you.

One rule of thumb is variety – if you have a skinny bottom, pair it with a loose top not a tight fitting top. If you have a loose bottom, try a fitted tee or blouse.

Come in any time and we can show you lots of options to wear the silhouette (s) you love.