Merry Christmas

shapeimage_1 (3)To all my friends, family, colleagues, clients, vendors,

Peace be with you.

On Christmas Eve, a friend of the store was passing by as I was closing up (behind schedule of course with family awaiting). I stopped what I was doing, waved her in, unlocked the door so I could wish her a Merry Christmas. Her red, teary eyes gave way to the story of her first Christmas without her parents, because work is too sparse to fund the trip home. On my way home, I called one of my dearest, closest friends only to find she was in Toronto spending time with her dear friend who is fighting a brain tumour. Another friend and his family are facing their first Christmas without his father who passed in November. My uncle, the Vietnam Vet, also fighting cancer possibly due to Agent Orange or maybe the cigarettes they issued him while on duty.

My first friend was quick to recognize her ego’s role in the tears, wisely finding perspective. My second friend was quick to recognize reality while holding on to hope for all involved. My uncle, strong from all the challenges he has endured was grateful to be home for Christmas, surrounded by family.

They are all facing their fears with grace and dignity. They are finding peace. I think we are all finding peace, either in creating turmoil to learn about lack of peace or by creating peace where we can or some combination thereof.

I have peace the moment I unlock the door at the shop everyday. I have peace when I hug my daughter. I had peace when I accepted design school. I had peace when I heard Marcus Mosely sing Holy Night last night at St. Augustines. Wait, maybe that was bliss.

So tonight, Christmas night, when all is calm and bright, I wish for you …. peace.